Write What Works or Find Your Voice? (When Experts Suck the Zen Out of You)

If you’ve ever sought writing advice on the internet before, then you know a few things I’m about to remind you of anyway. Because that’s what us experts do. Writing advice: Varies widely in opinion and premise Is inconsistent yet also repetitive Changes frequently for no good reason Is often overpriced, even when free I […]

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How Journaling Makes Everything Better

Any copywriter who ever worked for a corporation will be inclined to write the headline of this post, “How Journaling Can Make Everything Better.” Here’s why. Though the way I wrote it  is better, legal won’t like it because it promises too much. By saying “can,” we leave some wiggle room. No one who tries […]

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Take Copious Notes: Journaling to Succeed

His name was Mr. Pepper. He taught my English class when I was 16–the one where you wrote your required research or “term” paper. On the first day he said he was going to school at night to get his doctorate degree. So in the future his students could call him Dr. Pepper. I laughed […]

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Journaling to Heal

Every so often I stumble upon an old journal. I’ve been keeping them since I was child, in one form or another, so it’s no surprise to me when it happens, but it often is a surprise to me what’s inside. I have to admit, sometimes it’s painful. Because sometimes I’ve forgotten all about whatever […]

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Zen and the Art of Naming Your Business: Part I

Both in my marketing career and as an entrepreneur, I have had the distinct pleasure of naming many things in business. I say “distinct pleasure” instead of “important responsibility” because of all the tasks associated with being a copywriter or brand development specialist, naming is one of my all time favorites. I have a system […]

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